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New Rams logo leaks

The L.A. Rams have been waiting for their new stadium to open to alter their outdated uniforms. This year, the Rams will finally do something more than: (1) swap out their gold horns for white ones; (2) wear their yellow and blue throwbacks as often as they can; and (3) never don dark blue jerseys that blend with their blue helmets and white horns roughly as well as Joe Pesci in Alabama.

An image of the team’s new logo has leaked, and Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports says it’s legit.

The new logo makes “LA” the centerpiece of the image, ditching the profile of a ram. It’s a reminder of the initial Chargers logo, an L.A. with a lightning bolt on the “L”. The Chargers quickly ditched it.

Some will say the Rams should do the same with their new logo. Far more important will be their new uniforms. If the new logo is any indication, the new uniforms may not be well received, either.